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We are the Olnhausens- One family on a journey of following the Lord wherever He takes us to live, serve, and most of all LOVE.... current location- The Wilderness

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well.....I was banned from my own blog till about 9:00 last night so I had no clue what was going on.. the kids and I went about our way doing dinner, baths, books, bed....waiting for Brad to get home from his meeting. The kids are in bed and Brad rolls in the door and FINALLY tells me it's ok to read (have I mentioned that the Lord has been working out patience in me....yeah.... serious patience builder!!!!)...So I read and while I'm reading, He brings in a box and sits it at my feet......

The post:  Well to say the least, I was honored, humbled, thankful, and blessed that my husband took the time to express those words. We walk around being thankful for each other a lot, but to have it written like that was very special. I give the Lord credit for all of those good qualities He shared about me...We lived the first two years of our marriage away from the Lord and in some serious selfishness and none of those qualities were of my natural self or displayed to my husband as we lived out those years...So thank you to the Lord that I know how to love because of His example and sacrifice. I do have to say too that He blessed me with a wonderful family growing up where I had good training in the areas of keeping house and cooking. I used to watch my mom and my grandma for hours in the kitchen and they let me jump in and start practicing at a very young age...what a blessed experience that was....Anyway....if the post wasn't enough!!!........

The Suprise: If I have a trade/profession besides being a Mom it is a Hairstylist which I did for 8 years...last year the Lord was clear with me that I was to stop hair and be a full time was my passion for a while but it was nice to leave it behind and fulfill my mommy call in a whole new way...while plugging in to the kids, I realized  a new passion for taking pictures of them and the fun we've been having...I love other people's photography and want to learn about it to at least start  taking good pictures of our family goings..I told Brad a little bit ago that I was done taking muted fuzzy pictures and would love a better quality so we started praying about a I know the Lord answers but I just thought it would be YEARS away.......

Brad: --You are a blessing from the Lord that I can't even start describing...yet ( a "thankful for my husband post- inevitable!)
God:-- we give this blessing back to you and say use it for your kingdom in ways that we don't even know about yet, for your glory in Jesus name........


  1. Whoo-Hoo! That camera looks BOSS! I love that he pulled one over on you. Yes, you are learning patience - but aren't we all?? :) can't wait to see the world through your eye - and the lens of that sweet new camera!!

  2. What a beautiful tribute from both of you to each other. "That's what I'm talkin' about" I love your surprise gift. I really never thought about a camera even though I knew you wanted one. Photography is an awesome hobby. Look at what grandpa Stanton did his entire life with a camera. You must have a few of his genes Becky. I never did. I love the fact that you are using it for the Lord. Start having fun. I want to see awesome picture every day!!!

  3. Enjoy your Canon! I lloooooovvvveeee mine. You guys are so cute. I love you both like crazy!

  4. YEAH!! What a wonderfully thoughtful and amazing gift!!! I am so excited for you!


  5. thanks girls..can't wait to start posting up some new pics.....LOVE your site Amanda...keep the goodies coming, you are so good to share recipes to your wonderful creations!!