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Friday, February 5, 2010

Birthday Celebration Part 1

Yes Rylan's birthday is on Monday but why not start the party today and ride it on through the weekend...We have some fun times ahead and some that have already happened....Before I post the pics I wanted to take a moment to reflect on just what we are celebrating this year.....

1. This is the first year Ry Guy is truly aware of His birthday and what it means and is so excited about it, which makes it so much fun for us as parents to watch him

2. We are celebrating 1 1/2 years of being healed and symptom free of asthma, something he's struggled with since his first attack at age 20 months (it had him hospitalized on several occasions and on breathing treatments around the year).....thank you Jesus

3. And just celebrating how good the Lord is for giving us this amazing son as our firstborn child....we couldn't be more blessed....We love you so very much Ry Guy!!!

My Mom and Dad sent a large package for Him to open up..there were all sorts of presents and goodies. They wanted to see His face when He opened up the fishing pole He's been asking for so we Skyped and they watched the whole thing....

can you see them in the background...

Here they are....amazing people just to let you know ( a Skip and Deb post some day)

The new fishing pole and some other treats that even little Bro got to enjoy!

then we enjoyed the first of the birthday cakes ( it was an ice cream cake concoction with all sorts of craziness inside)

and topped it off with a pizza dinner with some buddies!

Party On!!..........

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