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We are the Olnhausens- One family on a journey of following the Lord wherever He takes us to live, serve, and most of all LOVE.... current location- The Wilderness

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Part 2!

We have been blessed to meet some amazing people out here....the community (especially within our church body) has welcomed us with loving arms, they've put up with our LACK of western/wilderness/hunting knowledge and been eager to accept us for who we are AND teach us the ropes. ( I had this one lady say "oh yea, I forgot you all were URBAN")....cracked me up.....Anyway....I mentioned the people because they have been a crucial part to our journey as well as our kids too...being far from family for 6 years now, we've come to realize the importance of our spiritual families that God has given us and to have them love on us and our kids is a true blessing...One couple (Roger and Jeanene) have been a big part of this blessing...we hang with them often and our Kids just ADORE them...
There are so many things we already love about them, but their hearts for God are what shine the brightest. To continue the birthday fun they took us on a scenic drive to spot wildlife and took Rylan out to their pond on the ranch to try out his new fishing pole...

here's Daddy setting up his pole..

Mom was the only one to catch one...rare but true..(note to self: strong winds make for very awkward hair moments!!)

this is a stick, not His new pole, but he was admiring the beavers handy work on their dam

look at these two!...They are the real deal :)

love my boys...

right before this pic Bridge tried to dive in but Roger grabbed Him...Good save Rog!


I'm sad to say I didn't get a pic of ME trying to jump a creek only to get stuck hovering over it in a split-like stance and of course Jeanene was behind me, and of course we were laughing uncontrollably.....just know it happened...

moving on to our scenic drive..we stopped at a frozen pond for Ry Guy to run on it

and for Brad to take a pic of this funky tree he found...

go ahead...admire this one like you would at an art gallery, analyze and chat with friends about what you see

I see..........the split-kick maneuver I did about 20 minutes prior! :)


  1. Love it! Tell Ry Guy that i am sending him and Bridge a pacakage soon....I wanted to send both together! Love you! Give the birthday boy and Bridgee hugs and kisses from Aunt Boogie!

  2. I can not get over this place you live in! It is like watching an episode of Planet Earth, except the Olnhausens are in it! What a fun place for two little boys to explore...

  3. OH,seroiusly, you guys were totally made for this place! I am so excited to see where the LORD has brought you! I want to email you girl! Give me your email so I can update you on what the Lord is doing in our lives! I am grinning from ear to ear seeing this blog! Your family is beautiful and you are crackin' me up! I think I need to use more explanation points!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You got it Boog.......Maria-you are so's amazing and we constantly bask in God's glory out here!!!.....Yay KK, my email is the same, would LOVE to all you gals :)

  5. Such great pictures...and what a beautiful and blessed family you have!!


  6. HAPPY B-Day Ry!!! Becks.. I love love love these pictures... wishing I could see them in person NOW! hopefully soon..
    love you guys