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Friday, February 12, 2010

A Park.. is a Park.. is a Park

We LOVE the Park...any park for that matter...Big and elaborate ones to small and modest...any where to run, jump, and play is good enough for us. No matter how many times we move to different cities, states, or how far away we are from home, we find a park and we've found those same old good times playing and swinging and having fun. The park was particularly important to us last year being in a loft-type apartment with no where to play.We found quite a few to visit and would often take picnics and play until the sun went down...

We were at the park ALL year round in Ga....these ones were actually on New Years Day!

this one we used to play at then watch Daddy play softball next door

this one was in our friend's neighborhood...

Well.....I'm happy to report that we HAVE found a park in town and although we wont be visiting ALL year long... on sunny/bearable days like today, you bet we are out there making those same sweet memories you always find at The Park.....

after all..... A park is a park is a park........with a few extra gloves and hats!


  1. Wow, that might be the same merry-go-round that I played on in the 80s. Is the "Lion's Head" drinking fountain still there? I spent hours and hours on the basketball court, the swings and the tennis courts growing up. Good times!

  2. oh yeah girl that lion head is there and pretty funky lookin!..we were excited to see the tennis courts cause we all love to play!!

  3. We will go to that park when grandma and papa come in July. Looks like the kids had a blast. Are there any trails where you will be able to ride your bikes in the summer?

  4. oh yea Mom!! Our bikes will be fun to use!!