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Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Husband the....Carpenter??!!

We have certainly gone from one extreme to another coming from our year in Atlanta to Wyoming... CHANGE is the theme of these past couple of months as we adjust to new climates and new community. We quickly realized that Woodworking was something that you! We have a wood stove in our living room that heats the house which cuts way back on the electric bill rather than running the heat and Brad has gotten used to chopping wood and stacking it up in our garage. He and Ry Guy have decided that it's a good father-son bonding time!

Brad has also decided that he wanted to delve in to the more crafty side of woodworking and start building things. The house that we're in has a great garage with a work station set up so He has been taking advantage of that. He has made a side table so far and helped make a bunk bed for Jimmy's kids...

Neither of the guys had much experience but they learned fast and worked hard....

look at this beauty!...pretty legit if you ask me...

Now rewind for a sec to last year in Atlanta...our apartment was just right for our year there- really small and cozy, right next to Rylan's preschool, and furnished with IKEA furniture that fit perfectly in our little place.

we brought all of it here and realized we have more room in this house than what we've ever been used to. The cute little kitchen table got pretty swallowed up in our new area so we decided that it will be used as a second table and get a new one. 

As we prayed over our new house, the Lord showed us that it was to be greatly used and opened up for fellowship and serving others by hosting and cooking was time to start thinking BIG since He gave us more space....So Brad decided to make a big dining room table!...We have currently been using this one as our main table while Brad works on the new one and the empty area has been serving as a good wrestling and ball-playing area for the kiddos

here's the future site of our Brad-crafted wooden table

wouldn't it be great of me to go in the garage and give you a sneak peek of the work in progress!....

there She is.....I am so excited to bring it in and start having plenty of gatherings around it.. We can't wait to continue opening our home to people as the Lord has so specifically guided us! I'm also thankful for my fabulous husband Brad- the Dad/Pastor/Carpenter that He is!...I'm glad He loves doing it, He said He actually feels closer to Jesus doing it... a man of carpentry himself :).... I will keep you posted on the progress!


  1. Yay! Now Brad and Bill will have something to do while we do girl stuff when we come out! Go Pastor Brad!

  2. I finally figured out how to make comments on your awesome blogs and picturs. I am so proud of Bradley. That table is amazing. How did he do the top and where did he get the wood. It's going to look wonderful in the space you have for it. Also, Rylan looks so darn cute on that wood pile! Tell him grandma loves his pictures of his birthday too.

  3. Yay Momma!.. I knew you could figure it out!!

  4. That table is awesome! Is he making chairs, too? Love it...