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We are the Olnhausens- One family on a journey of following the Lord wherever He takes us to live, serve, and most of all LOVE.... current location- The Wilderness

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Company, Cream puffs, Camera, Cuddling

It was a good weekend. The Lord has been answering our prayers to open our home and fill it with people to serve and fellowship with. We hosted a dinner for 3 Albanian missionaries that were here to speak at our church. They were wonderful women with great stories of there journeys on the mission field. We had about 14 adults and 5 kids, Tom from church made the food and I made dessert!

thanks Mom for your famous recipe!!... Here is the crew eating and chatting..

then Ry Guy let me practice..(He thinks I will learn faster by making all kinds of crazy faces)..

Bridge helped too!...He kept His toes very very still :)....

and what's a weekend if you can't lay around after church with Dad and cuddle!..


  1. Becky,
    To answer your question from the last post, yes, I do occasionally get back to your part of the country. (Last time = summer 2008) I am planning a trip this summer though, so I'm hoping I can stop by and enjoy some cream puffs myself!

    By the way, my folks will be in town starting the 19th of March I think. My mom mentioned figuring out a way to meet you guys so that she could encourage you in your ministry. Feel free to email me if you're interested or will have time.

  2. that would be great to meet up with your mom... will get in touch about that...and cream puffs will be ready whenever you come! :)