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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Well Rylan's Birthday was quite a special day for Him AND the rest of us too!
We started off with a chocolate chip pancake breakfast (per request of the birthday boy)...then headed to Jackson for the day..... the drive is about and hour and a half with nothing but scenery and a little snowmobile resort midway that we ALWAYS stop to say hey and use their lovely facilities

this was the first day since we moved here that wasn't snowy so the Teton Mountains were in full view

We stopped at a turnout for Ry Guy to take his first "5"year old pic with the Tetons

and throw a snowball at Dad!...

Now how much fun for your birthday to go from bundled in the snow to chillin in your trunks by the pool!! that's just what we did, we went to a rec center that had all kinds of pools and waterslides..

here are the boys getting all syked up in the locker room

the water was warm like a bath which was marvelous (does anyone else get instantly irritated in a cold pool?)
and the boys could not have had more fun....Rylan was in his element

Bridge was a skeptic at first....

but all it took was a couple trips down the waterslide with Dad and He turned into King of the Castle, fierce and fearless

Remember that insane hunger feeling when you were a kid after swimming ALL DAY LONG, well we ALL had it so we started driving around Jackson and decided to give Rylan an "un-biased" choice for His birthday dinner. So here were the three "Hey Ry Guy, it's totally up to you so would you like to go to El Abuelito, Shogun Sushi, or Billy's Burgers?" oddly enough he does in fact love all three kinds of food so we waited in quiet, hungry suspense...Brad's all time favorite is Billy's which is this tiny soda shop-like place that cranks out amazing burgers for those meat lovers...and me...well  I could eat sushi for all three meals of the day and meat I could definatly go without...but we kept quiet, trying to make the day as special as it could be for Him..."please say Shogun, please say Shogun"...................


Hey people I DID put a smile on my face ok!...

look at the salivation as He on the other hand told them to grill up some veggies and slap em on a did that come out in Spanish because they did not comprehend! :)

the birthday boy was pleased to finish his burger and fries as well as his bro's hot dog!...We had to find a place to light his #5 candle and sing before we headed back home  so we hopped on over to a BBQ joint and stuck it in a piece of pie to top off the night...

A Birthday Success!!!


  1. LOVE this! Rylan and Bridge are so dang precious. I noticed there are no bathing suit pics of you. Smart lady :) Looks like you all had a wonderful 5th birthday for Ry Guy. I cannot believe it has been 5 years since I held your heavy leg during labor and you looked at me, all serious after a monster contraction and said, "I DO NOT want to have another one of those, OK? I DON'T!" Sure, honey, sure. What a wonderful day that was for all of us! Love you all - Aunt Jill

  2. Awesome! You wanna come home in May and do my birthday up like this? Man, what a day! Five years old...Ry guy is growing up so fast. (p.s. Ry and Bridge looked so stinkin cute in their little trunks...melts my heart) Hugs and Kisses!