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Monday, February 15, 2010

Lunch at Kathy's

We decided to go to lunch for our family day together. Being in this small town (with not even one stop light) means that there are very few resturaunt selections which is ok cause we do love to cook and eat at home. But once in a while we will drive down the street to town and visit one of the shops. We've found good desserts at The Cowboy Cafe, yummy soups at Paya....but our FAVORITE place so far is Kathy's Koffee...Kathy is a sweet lady that makes all different kinds of coffee and food all fresh to order. Her place makes you feel like your at home and she even has toys for the the kids to play with. We always have a good time when we go there and great fresh food too. Her place is one that seems busy all year round when other shops seem to be closed or only open a select few hours a week until summer. I've heard that Dubois is the "gateway" to Yellowstone so it gets very crowded with tourists and travelers in the summer, which helps keep most businesses going. But Kathy's is always busy and we understand why :)....

a little live music with lunch from Ry Guy..

a little bear squeeze from Bridge..

Kathy has a fun style to her place...

look...she even has a mini version of the "Christmas Story" lamp

and don't forget that delish food!..

thanks for lunch Kathy!

We'll see ya soon!


  1. I LOVE THIS.... my favorite part of mountain towns is the local coffee shops..... so jealous of your new home! scout out some clients lets make a salon so I can live there too!!!

  2. Kathy is my Aunt! She's the SHIT!!!!!