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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Daddy!

Happy Birthday DADDY!!!

Our "Earthly" Fathers have the MOST important role in the world- to model after our Heavenly Father, to to show them the LOVE of Christ by displaying that love as they grow..

 At first, their love looks like a googly-eyed, silly-faced, high pitched voice love as they coo us through our baby stages.

Then their love looks like countless hours of throwing ball and building blocks as high as the ceiling so you can send them crashing down just to do it again.

 Then it looks like coaching you through your soccer games in the stands while the REAl coach finds it disruppting, or driving you all around the city and back just to scootch over to let you start practicing.

 Then you find their love looking like screening boyfriends before they take you to the dance, or finding the best vacation spot to take the family for the best Spring Break ever giving you bigtime bragging rights when you go back to school.

 Then it looks like giving you space to learn and grow and mature, biting HARD on their tongue and realizing that silent prayer is the best option for now.

Then it looks like doing ALL they can to put you through College just for you to change majors several time, get close to graduating and say that you decided it's not for you...and by the way, you'll need a little financial help figuring out the next step!

 Then their love looks exactly like a scene from Father of The Bride as they sit quietly in the corner of a bridal store while you and Mom plan the wedding of your dreams, maybe rolling their eyes a bit but more importantly with checkbook and pen in hand.

 Then their love looks like holding your own child for the first time and those years of love and care come full circle, giving you a glimpse of what that love looked like years ago when he held you

That love is the love I got from MY Dad and is key to how I love my Lord and savior today!
Happy Birthday Daddy...thanks for loving me in those ways

this is Him giving me some "tearful" advice at our Father/daughter dance at my can kind of see Brad keeping a close watch like "Dude are you having second thoughts about giving Her away!" :)


  1. Becks this is so awesome! I love reading your blogs. I started one myself....but havent done anything yet! I am so glad that we can keep up with you even though you are across the country! Keep writing...we are reading :o)
    Love from home.

    (P.S. what does June look like for you fine folks? We were thinking of heading west but wanted to know your plans)

  2. go girl...let me know when you start posting stuff! you guys and I'm sure June is great but I will check