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Friday, February 26, 2010

I've got a PROBLEM....

It's called "Canon Rebel T1i Syndrom".......very serious........ my view of life has become..well...let me just say this- everything and everyone look more beautiful than I remember in my past life (my pre-canon existence)....
the car wash, for example....a somewhat dirty, dingy experience had all of the sudden blossomed in to a beautiful, crisp, work of art as Daddy and Ry Guy scrub away..

hold that pose....

well hello Red Rock Mountain behind our house, were you always that striking?...

Hey horse....did you have that gorgeous mane professionally coiffed?..

now this backside streaks by me every night but toinght it had that special glow...:)

just admitting my problem folks....and I don't even know how to work the thing yet!...oh what fun!!


  1. I love it.... my dream camera!!! CAN'T wait..5 days!

  2. Becky (and Brad),
    I'm so excited to see all of the new pics you take with that AWESOME camera. I've been looking for a camera myself, so perhaps I'll use your experience as advice. I can't wait to see some of the pictures you take of your surroundings. You currently live in a beautiful part of the country that holds a special place in my heart, so I'm excited for you to post your expertise.

    And Brad, your tribute and post to Becky was so sweet. Thanks to the both of you for sharing with us.

  3. are an awesome photographer already. I would never think to take pictures of things that you did. The angles you use are so cool. Keep the pictures coming. Get creative. You see what my eye doesn't! Love you and love your new camera!

  4. Yay for the new camera! Love love love the pics! You got the gift girl!

  5. p.s. please have Ryaln CALL ME A.S.A.P!

  6. thanks Mardy.. do you ever make trips back here?....Mom you are the best supporter....Colleen...I missed your calls today but we had company..we will for sure call you you ALL

  7. I heart my rebel. It makes me smile. (My kids hate it).