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We are the Olnhausens- One family on a journey of following the Lord wherever He takes us to live, serve, and most of all LOVE.... current location- The Wilderness

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter Sports

I didn't think I'd EVER be a fan of winter activities after the imfamous sledding accident of  '97.....but.....I've been embracing many new things on this new journey and have conquered my fears in this area. (Not to mention that I've matured a little and would make smarter choices rather than tresspassing into a stone quarry and sledding down massive, dangerous stone hills just to impress friends :)Also, if you want to get any excersise in this town, you better strap on some skis or snowshoes and take a hike!!...

Which is just what we did the other day......There is this AMAZING couple that go to our church (Roger and Eleanor)....they are these spunky Kids that bought 9 acres of land about 3 miles up a mountain and built a beautiful log cabin ALL by hand....they are ALWAYS on the go and always willing to serve people...Eleanor cooks a lot of meals for the church and also teaches Rylan's 4 year old SS class...these two have a passion for doing God's will (did i mention that they are in their 70's!!!!!!) they invited us for lunch the other day and told us we could have our first snowshoeing experience by parking our car at the bottom of their mountain and hiking up to their cabin.......we took the was awesome and something we will try to be doing a lot......p.s- i forgot how hot you can get when your doing winter sports so i left the house all layered up, looking a bit "stuffed" we got in to our climb, we had to stop every 2 minutes for me to frantically tear off another layer and pile it on the boys in the sled we were pulling them it!!! 


  1. UMMMM... I wanna go like NOW! yup plan this little jaunt for when I come see you. I even have snow shoes! I love your world right now...

  2. of course you have snowshoes you crazy, sassy, spunky, adventurous Woman......bring em