Here's to the JOURNEY.....

We are the Olnhausens- One family on a journey of following the Lord wherever He takes us to live, serve, and most of all LOVE.... current location- The Wilderness

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome ME to blog world and welcome YOU to our page!

Hey there...I'm excited to start sharing pieces of our life with those who visit..... For my first post what better place to start than the beginning (well at least the beginning of "us") and bring you up to we go

this is Brad, not too soon before we met :)

and then there's Me......


We lived a bike ride away from each other most of our lives and started dating at the ripe ole age of 14


He asked me to marry Him on New Years Eve 1998 ( I was 17!!)... We ended up getting married in August of 2001...


He knows more about me than anyone else and vise versa..We have been through EVERYTHING together- high school, a little bit of college, beauty school (which means EVERY hair color on me..AND Him)...broken bones, tragedies, laughs.. a ton of laughs, trips, moving to Kansas City, then Atlanta, and now Wyoming!! It has been an amazing blessing and honor to have shared this many years with the man that God made for it all sounds fabulous, which don't get me wrong, it has been, but we have also been through the worst of times together, lots of heart ache....and ok yes...a few silly mistakes!!!


The Lord blew our minds when He gave us Rylan in 2005 and then Bridger 3 years later.. the boys were both born in Kansas City and are truly made for our family...they both are just like us ( along for the ride, ready to experience new things, and easy adapters) which is great for the journey of travel the Lord has has us on....but they always LOVE going back to our home town to see grandparents and other family


Well that is the skinny on our Love story and family.....the best Love story is the one the Lord has written about our lives with is the reason why He put us together in the first place because all along He has had a plan for this family to love Him with all of our hearts, soul, mind and strength..and to take this Love and share with others our lives as He has so graciously given!! that will be my attempt with this blog along with some great pics and probably some funny stories I'm sure......So here we are...The Olnhausen' out our calling to be in Wyoming and spread the love of Jesus for His glory................and bloggin it up!!!!!!!!



  1. Love it Becky! Can't wait to keep up with you all here!

  2. Becks - this looks wonderful! I love it!! ps: you do know how hard it was for me to take that picture of you two on the phone in my room that day? Being so close to my things...messing up all my probably wanting to wear one of my thinking, "man, I wonder where that little punk's Starter jacket is?"...yikes, I am getting goose bumps just thinking about it! I thank God for bringing me around to acceptance of all that was you and Brad all those years ago. And since then...well, you two are a rare few who speak truth into my life and I could not love you both more! Then there is my Ry Guy and Bridgie Boo Boo - don't even get me started! I am proud of what you have done here - and for sharing it with the world! Love your big sis :)

  3. Woo-hoo!!! I love Wilderness love! Can't wait to keep up with ya'll here. You are missed and loved here in GA! Can't wait for more posts!

  4. thanks for your support ladies!!....all of your blogs inspired me to start mine....Jilly Bean---that cracked me up...feels like yesterday now that you described it so well

  5. I miss you friend!! I'm so glad you have a blog so I can keep up with you guys.

  6. "BECKS." are you kidding me, you are soo good. you, brad and your boys are my loves. this is going to be a greatly used!

  7. Makes me want to tear up, actually, I AM tearing up, ugh. Becks, I miss you so. Love you and yours. <3

  8. Love the blog. Feels like you're right next door...hey is that you? Love and miss you. Thanks for sharing. Glad I've been around for the story. Remember, Bradley loved me first! XOXO. Aunt K