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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Best Buds!

It's been really neat to see Rylan embracing Bridger in a whole new way as Bridge gets a little older...Ry Guy is actually starting to think He's pretty cool and kinda fun at times... I hear more of  "Bridge c'mon let's go" and less of  "Mom.....Bridge is eating my toys again"....their 3 year age difference is starting to mesh together a little and they truly are becoming best buds!...I am really going to enjoy watching their relationship as they continue to grow, but for now I will just relish these days of them just being adventurous little boys together...

As I watch these two cuties I think about my relationship with my Sister who is 3 years older than me...We were best buds at their age....always playing together, sharing a room, toys...inseperable....then as we got older and in to our teens all I wanted was to be JUST like Her and all she wanted was for me to be...well....out of her hair!!....but the WONDERFUL thing about siblings is that we grow together, grow apart, then grow back together as we grow older, wiser, and realize that we NEED each other JUST like we needed each other when we were little. And that is just what has happened with me and my sis...around our early 20's our relationship blossomed in to a beautiful friendship having left all the jealous, fighting, clothes-stealing, friend-stealing, ratting on each other memories behind and moving forward to start celebrating each other as the women we were becoming....So now,  we NEVER go without pouring our hearts out to each other and talking about how important we are to one another...Our lives have taken different routes but the the depth of our sisterhood is there are will always be there..We understand each other in a way that can't be put in to words...I cherish the sister that the Lord has given me and pray that these boys of mine will always have the kind of relationship us sisters do..

Ps....we wouldn't nearly be the girls we are today without our big Bro Jeff looking after us but that will be another post!...oh and Jilly- aren't you glad I couldn't find any bathtub pics of us!!

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  1. Oh goodness Becks! Next time warn me and I won't read anything like this before I apply my mascara for the day, ok? It is all so true :) Especially the part about the bathtub pics. Know why you can't find any? Because I have them ALL. :) Love you so much. ps: I also love the way Bridge is looking at Rylan in the bathtub pic. So sweet!