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We are the Olnhausens- One family on a journey of following the Lord wherever He takes us to live, serve, and most of all LOVE.... current location- The Wilderness

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Brett's visit, 2 WARM DAYS!!!!, lots and lots of wildlife

#1. BRETT:   Last week Brett (from Kansas City) was here spending his spring break with us... Brad picked him up in Jackson and stayed out there for enough time to do some snowboarding and then came home. It was great to have him. He was a real blessing to me because he played with the boys non stop and they loved every minute of it.. in fact when he would stop just for a bathroom break, Bridge would cry until he came out!!..

#2. NICE DAYS: warmed up for a couple of days and it was glor-i-ous!!!... we took advantage of it and took a walk to a river and threw rocks.. the boys would have done it all day long if i let them (who knew it could be that fun)....

Bridger stood watching while Rylan and I  hopped across the river..

Brett basked in the sun gazing at the scenery....when Dad came home from work, we felt adventurous and decided to hike up this mountain behind our house..

We got about half of the way and Ry guy fell straight in to a cactus...we had to go home and tweeze out all the needles!..

he was such a sport!..

so we thought we'd better play it safe at the park instead..

#3. Wildlife and some horses:  Our neighbor noticed how much the boys love his horses so he was nice enough to keep some food out for us to feed them... Here we are, waiting for them to come to the fence...

these next pics are when Elaine was in town and we were at the Elk refuge in Jackson....we have been seeing so much wildlife lately so I wanted to share..... 

that ram was right outside our car...

then we saw these big horn sheep at the whiskey river basin that's pretty close to where we live..

my neighbor Linda calls this group "The Mob"..they travel in a pack of about 15 and they hang out in our neighborhood all the time...they came right up to our window..

So that's a bit of what we've been up to....oh and those nice the end of the week when we took Brett back to the airport, it was back to this...


  1. Absolutely beautiful!! And much did he love Skype-ing with me that day? So glad you are sharing your wilderness lives with us. It really is a whole different world out there! God must have been feeling especially creative when he drew up the plans for Wyoming :) Hope you are resting and taking care of yourself and your precious family. I love you my sweet sister! Aunt Jill ps: anytime you want to post more videos...Ella will be in heaven!

  2. Hey Wilderness Lovers! Just wanted to let you know that my mom is in your "neck of the woods" for a few days. She should be at church tomorrow morning, so I hope she'll introduce herself to you.

    Oh, and congrats on your news!

  3. I MISS IT!!!! so glad to see those animals (especially the horses... I love them!) keep up the adventures (and letting me live them thru you) tell Ry I am sorry bout his battle wounds! and squeeze Bridger for me... ENJOY that sweet new ride! LOVE YA

  4. Mardy-- I talked to your mom for a bit..she's wonderful!!...didn't know she was from down under!